Who We Are

Driven Engineering Inc. is a company built on simple values.

Built out of a desire to provide innovative, cost effective and client tailored services to land and site developers as well as rural municipalities' public works departments, Driven Engineering, located in Strathroy, ON, is intenly focused on providing solutions tailored especially for the needs of the individual client and individual location. Each site has its own set of challenges and requirements. Working within those bounds, Driven provides custom and innovative cost effective implementations of civil engineering design.

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Innovative Solutions

Using a combination of in-house and open-source solutions, we harness technology to go further and do more.

Efficiency First

The very fabric of our services are built on efficiency and adaptability within the core of our business, in our daily undertaking.

Rural Focused

From the first day of operation, our most important client is assisting rural municipalities to meet their objectives.

Your Documents, Secured

Capitializing on the latest in secure, local cloud solutions, Driven keeps your documents safe and your inbox small with links directly to our servers for your documents.

On site, on call

Where and when needed, our services are available on site and on call for the best results.

Emergency Solutions

In the event of an emergency safety issue on your roads, we can be called upon for quick, effective solutions.

Your Best
Rural Resource

Driven Engineering provides your best resources for managing your assets in a cost effective and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on knowing the rural Public Works sector and working with the small communities to undertake the most capital works projects in the approved budget. Knowing that there are plethora assets in dire straights, we will make your budget more powerful.


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