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Established in 2017, Driven Engineering is extremely pleased to be able to provide, at its foundation, innovative, tailored and unique services to the betterment of the capital projects undertaken in plethora rural municipalities throughout Southwestern and Western Ontario.
We have an indepth knowledge of the unique constraints imposed on rural municipalities by the vary nature of their population density and constituents. We know the importance of providing timely, low-cost services that construct assets that last longer.

Driven Engineering has a full suite of capabilities which can be harnessed for the area municipalities and developers, including pre-design services, design services, and construction administration. Pre-design services can consist of a Detailed Condition Assessment, Renewal Options Analysis, Road Side Safety Studies and more.


Featured Services

Pre-Design Services

Driven Engineering undertakes routine inspections, Condition Assessments, and Renewal Options Analysis.

Detailed Design

Providing detailed civil engineering designs for site development, roads, bridges, retaining walls and other projects in land development and municipal linear infrastructure.

Construction Administration

Using industry standard and proprietary tools to ensure compliance with the contract documents and best practice.


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