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Expanding our Food Service Resiliancy


Driven is very pleased to be helping a world leader in food processing expand their storage capability in Southwestern Ontario to better provide food security for our family, friends and neighbours.
These facilities will result in fewer transport trips, resulting in less fuel usage, traffic and wear on our roads and highways - thereby aiding in reducing their climate footprint.

Tech Talk


We employ a variety of tech in our regular workflow at Driven. Alan talks about that in this video.

Added Value


At Driven, we provide value added advantages to all our projects to help better utilize our time and yours. Watch below to find out more.

Under Construction


After having navigated the SPA process, Driven is happy to report another project has hit construction at a site in North London!

Aerial Image of a construction site, nadir

Here For You


Even through the constantly evolving environment in which we are all currently trying to undertake our jobs and deliver our services to our clients, Driven is here to do that.

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